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Terms of Service

Terms: By accessing or using , its mobile applications, desktop applications, materials, or services (collectively known as “Services”) provided by Huracán Cooks, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service (“Terms”) whether or not you register as a member of Huracán Cooks. These Terms include agreeing to comply with any applicable federal and local laws and regulations should you use any Services as well as understanding that the Services provided by Huracán Cooks are protected by any applicable copyright and trademark laws. Should you not agree to these Terms, you may not use any Services. Huracán Cooks reserves the right to modify these Terms or Services at any moment. Your continued use of the Services thereby expresses your acceptance of any changes to the Terms made by Huracán Cooks. These Terms are legally binding.
Use: Upon access or use of the Services, you are agreeing to the Terms which are legally binding. Your registration as a member indicates that you have bought a license to access and use Services provided by Huracán Cooks and that under any circumstances, there will be no refund. You also certify that you are at least 18 years of age (or at least of legal age as indicated by local jurisdiction) or have permission by your parent or legal guardian to use these Services, you agree that you will not modify or copy any of the Services offered by Huracán Cooks, you agree that you will not reverse engineer any Services provided by Huracán Cooks, and that you may not transfer any use or access to any of the Services to any other individual. Should you violate any of these Terms, your use or access to any Services offered by Huracán Cooks will be revoked.
Responsibilities: All Services provided by Huracán Cooks is provided “as is”. The Services do not guarantee, whether explicitly or implicitly, any claims concerning its accuracy or reliability. This includes any claims regarding the Services as well as other materials linked to the Services or provided by Huracán Cooks. Huracán Cooks is also not responsible for any content or material on any sites linked to its Services. Any use of linked sites to the Services guarantee that the user is responsible for their own risk upon using those linked sites.
Liabilities: Huracán Cooks, its staff and its successors are not liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of financial funds, loss of personal data, relating to copyright or intellectual property rights, and more) due to the use of the Services provided by Huracán Cooks. By your use of the Services provided by Huracán Cooks, you are agreeing that Huracán Cooks has no liability for any damages to you, whether directly, indirectly, consequently, or incidentally.
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